State Report Cards

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The Illinois State Board of Education annually releases a School Report Card that shows performance on a range of indicators for each school, district, and the state.

The Illinois State Board of Education released the 2016 annual School Report Cards on October 31, 2016.  "At-a-glance" versions of the report cards are available below for the District and each school. Or, visit the ISBE's interactive website to explore a wide array of easy-to-understand data about District 64 schools and others across Illinois.

2016 Report Cards - "At-a-Glance"

Carpenter Elementary School (PDF of report)

Field Elementary School
(PDF of report)

Franklin Elementary School
(PDF of report)

Roosevelt Elementary School
(PDF of report)

Washington Elementary School (PDF of report)

Emerson Middle School (PDF of report)

Lincoln Middle School
(PDF of report)

District 64 (PDF of report)

A printed copy of any school or District report card will be sent on request to parents or any interested person by contacting the Department of Student Learning, 847-318-4304.

To view prior year School Report Cards, please visit the ISBE's Illinois School Report Card Home Page.