Negotiations Update

New!  District 64 and teachers reach four-year agreement

The new agreement is available for downloading on the Financial Data - Current webpage.

The Board of Education and the Park Ridge Education Association (PREA), which represents the District's teachers, are negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement to replace the current agreement expiring immediately prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year. Updates are provided below.

The Board also is negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Park Ridge Teacher Assistants Association (PRTAA), which represents teacher assistants. Updates on PRTAA negotiations follow the PREA updates on this page.

(Existing agreements are linked at the bottom of this webpage.)

Updates on PREA Negotiations

Per the existing PREA contract, Board President Borrelli is directed to periodically provide a general update as to the content and tenor of the negotiations discussion. Speaking on behalf of the Board, he has provided the following updates at recent Board of Education meetings:

September 26, 2016 - The Board votes to ratify the agreement. (The agreement is now available on the Financial Data - Current webpage.)

September 12, 2016 - Board President Borrelli announced that an agreement has been reached and that ratification by teachers would be scheduled shortly, followed by Board action.

August 22, 2016 "The last meeting was on August 11, 2016, and I am pleased to state that a tentative agreement has been reached with the PREA negotiating committee. To move forward, we are waiting for the PREA entire membership to consider and endorse this document. Importantly and as always, I would like to thank the administration for their leadership and advice during this process, and the Board for their many hours of devotion and earnestness to protect the taxpayers of the District which was brought in discussion night after night. I see a couple of members of the PREA negotiating committee, and I would like to thank the PREA negotiating committee as well. This is the second contract negotiation I have gone through and (Board Vice President) Scott (Zimmerman)  has gone through; the first time (for me) actually on the negotiating committee itself. While I really don’t want to repeat it on a year-to-year basis, it was enlightening actually to sit there and hear the other side and hear the other opinions and understand where the other group is coming from. I think that’s how you achieve true negotiation. There’s got to be back and forth, back and forth. Certainly you folks were receptive to our needs and desires, as I hope that we were receptive to yours. Thank you for putting up with that. I know as much time as we spent putting and preparing for this, you did on your own. So thank you for all that time."

August 8, 2016 "The Board is scheduled to resume contract talks with the PREA this Thursday, August 11."

July 18, 2016 "The Board negotiating committee and PREA negotiating committee have gotten together most recently on July 12, where we continued to discuss language and salary considerations. I’m pleased to report that while hurdles still exist, significant progress has been made. I’m confident that the PREA and Board will iron out the remaining details with fairness and respect, and with all good intent."

June 27, 2016  "Currently the Board is preparing a presentation to be delivered at the next Board-PREA negotiations meeting, which is tomorrow, June 28. Following that meeting, we have one tentative final meeting scheduled for July 12. Currently outstanding are issues regarding language and salary. The next Board meeting on July 18 will be after the PREA meeting at which the Board will fully discuss the issues that arise."

June 13, 2016 "We met with the PREA on May 24 and June 9, and we plan on meeting again on June 28. We have been continuing to work on contract language, and have recently agreed and have tentative agreements on components of the contract, however there are still items currently in subcommittee to be brought before the general group. We are working together on the salary components, and are actively having considerable discussions and exchanging suggestions so as to reach agreement."

May 23, 2016 "Meeting most recently on May 16, we are working to finish the language components of the agreement and are moving further along on the financial issues. We will meet again on Tuesday, May 24. Ever the optimist, it is my hope that the majority of concerns can be concluded by the end of June."

May 9, 2016  "Since the last meeting, the Negotiations Committee has met with PREA negotiators on April 26 and May 3. Both groups can say that we now have further tentative agreements to Article 3 section b2; Article 5, Section 1 and o; Article 2 section a; and Article 4 sections a and b. While we inch towards the finish line, we are in the final stages of language discussions and deeply in discussion over salary and benefits. All parties are conducting themselves appropriately during these times, and plan to meet again on May 16 to continue conversations."

April 25, 2016 "The Board most recently met with PREA on Thursday, April 21, and both sides have carefully gone through language sections, also known as working conditions, up to this point. The group will continue to work toward completion of the contract as we enter the final phases of the Articles, specifically salary and benefits. I am pleased to say that negotiations continue to be conducted professionally and with respect. The groups plan to meet again on Tuesday, April 26."

April 11, 2016  "The Board has on April 6 most recently met with the Negotiating Committee of the PREA. We continue to discuss many of the articles of the contract and have come to a tentative agreement on some, in part or both. However we do have much to do. I would like to say the Board understands that this negotiation is different and difficult, as we are discussing a much wider group of issues than in the past. The Board appreciates the patience and understanding of the PREA negotiating team at this time, and the Board also realizes the incredible value our staff supplies to our District. In fact, our District would not be what it is if not for our staff. The Board would like to make clear our intent to work to produce a final document that will be fair and understandable to both parties."

March 21, 2016  "On March 15, the PREA and Board negotiating team met and discussed Sections 1-5 and 8-10. Tentative agreements have been reached on the following sections: all of Article 1; all of Article 3; sections c, d, e, f, j, i, o, p and q of Article 4; and section a of Article 10. The next meeting with the PREA will be on April 6. Furthermore, the Board has started negotiations with the assistant teachers. Board members Lee and Johnson will lead that committee and report back to the Board as the PREA negotiation is concurrently underway."

March 3, 2016  "The Board negotiating team met with the PREA representatives on Tuesday, March 1 and further discussion has taken place on many of the articles concerning working conditions and language of the contract. While talks are ongoing, they remain amiable with each side placing support to their conclusions. They have as yet not arrived at any tentative agreements, but are hopeful that some will be presently forthcoming."

February 22, 2016 "On Thursday, February 18 the Board negotiating committee received PREA responses on Articles 1-4, part of Article 5, Article 7 and part of Article 10. The Board negotiating committee provided its presentation of Article 8, and discussions continue to be fruitful with both sides working collaboratively."

February 8, 2016 "The Board cancelled its planned February 4 special meeting, because there has been no new information for the Board to consider regarding negotiations underway with teachers. The Board negotiating team first formally met with PREA representatives on January 19, and at this session, the PREA presented its initial recommendations regarding contract Articles 1-4 pertaining to: recognition and definition of terms; Board rights; negotiations scope and procedures; and Association rights. The Board of Education held a special meeting on January 20 to discuss both the union proposals and come to agreement on its own future proposals. At the next meeting on February 2, the Board negotiating team provided responses to the PREA recommendations on Articles 1-4. The Board negotiating team presented its recommendations on Articles 7, 8 and 10 regarding: vacancies and transfers; reductions in force; and seniority and grievance procedures. The Board is currently awaiting response from the PREA and relevant discussions on the recommendations made on the above-mentioned articles."

January 26, 2016  "The District’s 8-member Negotiations Committee, consisting of legal counsel Terry Hodges of Hodges, Loizzi, Eisenhammer, Rodick and Kohn; myself as Board President and Board Vice-President Scott Zimmerman; Superintendent Laurie Heinz; CSBO Luann Kolstad; Assistant Superintendents Joel Martin and Lori Lopez; and Roosevelt Principal Kevin Dwyer, officially met with the PREA’s Negotiations Committee on December 15, 2015 to agree upon ground rules. The respective sides would be meeting approximately every two weeks to negotiate a new Bargaining Agreement, with each side alternating proposals. The meetings, per the existing Agreement, will be held in closed session. After each meeting, it will be my task per the existing contract, to provide a general update as to the content and tenor of the negotiations discussion. The first actual negotiations meeting with the PREA was held on January 19. At this session, the PREA presented its initial recommendations regarding the contract articles pertaining to: recognition and definition of terms; Board rights; negotiations scope and procedure; and Association rights. The Board held a special meeting on January 20 to review the union proposals and determine our own proposals. At the next meeting scheduled for February 2, the Board will provide responses to those PREA recommendations, as well as proposing the Board’s recommendations on these contract topics and additional articles regarding: vacancies and transfers; reductions in force; and grievance procedures. The PREA also brought some recommendations under the contract category of conditions of employment and teacher rights. As this category would be extensive, it was agreed to deal with it over several meetings. The meetings have been cordial and the recommendations have been discussed with civility. Going forward, it is the Board’s unanimous decision and desire to negotiate a new Bargaining Agreement with the PREA with the following overriding goal: To negotiate a timely, clear and understandable contract that strives for a continuously improving high quality education program that inspires every child to discover, learn, achieve, and care; provides for a motivated and fairly compensated staff; and ensures the ongoing fiscal stability of District 64. Each and every decision that the Board will make during the bargaining process will be based on this goal."

Updates on PRTAA Negotiations

Speaking on behalf of the Board, Board member Johnson has provided the following updates at recent Board of Education meetings:

June 13, 2016 "The negotiating team from the District met along with the PRTAA. We continue to go over various points and have reached tentative agreement on some. The negotiations continue. We expect to hold our next meeting on July 20 to continue negotiations."

May 23, 2016 "The District and PRTAA met and continued our contract negotiations; our third meeting was May 18. We have some items that we have reached tentative agreement on, others we are awaiting response from PRTAA, and others that the District needs to respond to. Subsequent meetings are scheduled for June 2 and June 9.  It seems that the PRTAA is not inclined to meet after June 9 until school resumes in August when we would meet again. It's very clear the District has a desire to want to continue to meet during the summer, but we have not been able to agree to that. We would like to advance the negotiations as soon as possible."

May 9, 2016  "At our meeting on May 7, the District presented its recommendations on many different aspects of the current agreement to the PRTAA. Agreement was reached on the Preamble and Article 1, and a few portions of Article 4. Another meeting has been scheduled for May 18 to meet again to hear responses on those points from PRTAA and to negotiate further. This was basically the second meeting; we are continuing to progress and have good discussions."

April 25, 2016  "On April 4, representatives of District 64 met with representatives of the PRTAA and the facilitators of each of those bodies, and had a good meeting concerning the framework for how we are going to conduct negotiations. The PRTAA presented their recommendations on Articles 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 15 complete for those sections, as well as some recommendations on Articles 5, 12 and 20. The next session will be conducted on Saturday, May 7."

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