Washington readers are 2018 Book Battle champs

Washington readers are 2018 Book Battle champs

The fourth and fifth grade students of Washington School's Battle of the Books team emerged as champions for 2018 in the annual Park Ridge Public Library competition.

For more than 30 years, the library has partnered with local schools to offer students an opportunity to test their knowledge of books and promote the love of reading. Each spring, a list of 32 books spanning many topics and ability levels is selected by the librarians to become the basis for the ocmpetiion. School then form teams to practice and study the books and rehearse for the competition, which is conducted over the winter months as a series of meets, called "battles."

This year, Washington School's 382 points bested the teams from Field School (365) and Carpenter (360).  

"We are so proud of how everyone on the team worked together, showed great sportsmanship, and continuously encouraged one another," according to Library Information Specialist Brittney Joyce and teacher Kelly Amelse, who co-coached the team. "This is Washington's first 1st Place win in quite some time. So exciting!" they added.

PHOTO: The Washington team celebrates its victory!