Elementary Lunch

Elementary students in grades 1-5 remain at school during their scheduled lunch period.  Students who need to go home for lunch must bring a note from a parent to the homeroom teacher each time this need arises; the parent must pick up the student at the school office.  On return, the student and parent must report to the office and sign back in before returning to class.

Students in grades 1-5 bring a lunch from home and provide their own beverage in an unbreakable container -- no cans or glass bottles.  Daily milk service may be ordered for the year via the Infosnap annual registration and fee payment system.  If you have already completed your Infosnap update for the year, use the  "Pay Student Fees" page of this website.   Application for free lunch/milk is also available on the fee payment page.

Students spend approximately half the lunch hour eating, and the remainder at supervised recess outdoors, weather permitting.

For all grade levels, expectations for student behavior are the same during lunch as the remainder of the school day.  Please consult the Student-Parent Handbook for details.