Mr. Speilburg's Homework

Mr. Speilburg's Homework

Link to Math Book

Log-in name is "FirstLast" and password is "em" followed by student number.




Blue Book GR & S




 Science Attitude Student Survey

Course 3 Pre-Algebra

Pg. 671-672 #1-3, 5, 7



Accelerated Algebra 1


Chapter 9 Test, Read section 10-1

Great Practice Test with Explanations (Florida Virtual School)

Another Practice Test!

Placement Test Review Materials Here

Quick Review #1, #2, #3



New District Math Website!


Extra math resource, similar to Study Island, click here.

School code: 55170



Khan Academy - For extra practice!

There is also a Khan Academy App available for iPhone and iPod as well as other platforms!

Skill Builders

Skills Practice