Robust Vocabulary

Our "Storytown" reading curriculum introduces "Robust Vocabulary" to the boys and girls of each grade level. These words are not words the children are expected to read or spell. The boys and girls are exposed to these words through stories and classroom conversations. Below are the Robust Vocabulary words your child will be exposed to in kindergarten. Try to use and explain these words in conversation every once in a while. It is a fun challange for you as a parent, as well as educational for your child. 

 Theme 1- ability, confident, reverse, complained, talent, encourage, differ, stalking, mellow, automatic, perfectly, resemblance

 Theme 2- feast, gusto, prepare, lonely, remind, preoccupied, appetite, savor, urgency, aroma, surround, tradition

 Theme 3- sly, proceed, apparel, announced, imaginary, precisely, active, gigantic, voyage, gasped, glum, whimper

 Theme 4- squabble, mischief, uproar, tend, soggy, wobble, anxious, huddle, moans, productive, idle, scrumptious

 Theme 5- fading, perhaps, prefer, warn, property, whirl, arrives, creeps, nestle, slumbering, delight, blustery

 Theme 6- load, bound, steep, drooped, joyous, thrill, fantasy, jolly, versatile, agreed, contribute, spontaneously

 Theme 7- contrast, meander, tidy, famished, modify, unfortunate, treasure, sturdy, worth, compliment, confer, mingle

 Theme 8- protecting, volunteer, responsible, adore, melancholy, exquisite, appreciate, grace, host, lush, marvelous, constantly

 Theme 9- hollow, scurry, watchful, cling, defend, ravenous, lively, peek, arise, clever, boastful, quarrel

 Theme 10- dare, gleaming, splendid, cautiously, festival, disaster, adventure, explore, tame, amazed, completely, jolt