District 64 Science Curriculum

District 64 offers an inquiry based science curriculum that reflects the best practices in science education. Two “aim statements” capture the essence of the District’s science education philosophy: 

District #64 Primary Science Aim Statement-- The District 64 primary science teachers value a science education that fosters the children’s natural curiosity through questioning and hands-on discovery based on real-life observations. 

District #64 Middle School Science Aim Statement-- The District 64 Middle School Science Department values a science education that promotes both problem-solving and critical/analytical thinking skills while encouraging the students’ natural curiosity. 

Both statements reflect the District’s “hands on - minds on” philosophy of science education. They also reflect the commitment of District 64’s science teachers to  provide a rich learning experience for students.

An overview of the Science curriculum  by grade level can be found on the Grade Level Curriculum Overview page. Below is more detailed information about the units of study at each grade level.

 Grade Level Learner Objectives Detail
Kindergarten book
Grade 1 book
Grade 2 book
Grade 3 book
Grade 4 book
Grade 5 book
Grade 6 book
Grade 7 book
Grade 8 book
Electives book


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