Educational Ends - Educating the Whole Child


The Educational Ends are intended to define in broad terms the goals we have for learning in each area of a child’s development.  They are not intended to replace the more specific Illinois Learning Standards or District 64’s Scope and Sequence of objectives that are developed in each curricular area.  Rather, the Ends serve as the broad target toward which the learning standards, benchmarks and specific grade level scope and sequences must lead.

The Ends are measured by both standardized tests such as the ISAT as well as locally developed assessments and performance activities.  Assessments have been developed in all areas of learning valued by the District and have been piloted with students over the last three years.  We are now at the point where we are purposefully analyzing and using these results for instructional decision making at both the classroom and district level.

A PDF document of the Educational Ends is available here.

District Score Card

A District Score Card has been developed in order to communicate summative data regarding achievement of the Educational Ends. The scorecard is intended to provide a quick visual overview of the following information:

  • the end statements for this particular area of learning 
  • what assessment tool(s) will be used to measure each end statement in this area 
  • when each assessment will be given 
  • what the target level of performance is 
  • what the current baseline level of performance is on this assessment 
  • current status – i.e. whether we are meeting (green), progressing toward (yellow) or areas of focus (red) our targeted level of performance.

The score card is intended to provide summative information relating to our Ends.

Please select the following links to view a PDF document of the Educational End Scorecard in each area.

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving (PDF)
  • Foreign Language (PDF)
  • General Music (PDF)
  • Health (PDF)
  • Instrumental Music (PDF)
  • Language Arts (PDF)
  • Math (PDF)
  • Physical Education (PDF)
  • Science (PDF)
  • Social Emotional (PDF)
  • Social Studies (PDF)
  • Visual Arts (PDF)

The Educational Ends Summary Table reflects the District's performance on the Educational Ends Assessments over the past six years. (PDF)