D64 Board seeks community resources for two new Board advisory committees

D64 Board seeks community resources for two new Board advisory committees

The District 64 Board of Education is creating two new Board committees to focus on specific topics, as provided by Board Policy 2:150

At its June 25, 2018 regular meeting, the Board approved the creation of a new Board committee to focus on the finalization of the proposed School Resource Officer pilot program for the middle schools, and named Board Vice President Rick Biagi and Secretary Tom Sotos as representatives.

The Board SRO Committee is expected to be a short-term committee tasked with creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that aligns to a draft Mission Statement that will need to be finalized by this committee and then approved by the Board. The committee will also ensure the draft Intergovernmental Agreements with the City of Park Ridge and Village of Niles align with desired outcomes of the pilot SRO program. 

The Board also confirmed its intention to create at its regular meeting on July 9, 2018 a similar Special Education Committee, and designated Board members Larry Ryles and Fred Sanchez as representatives.

The Board Special Education Committee is expected to work closely with incoming Director of Student Services Lea Anne Frost and Superintendent Laurie Heinz to explore the results of the 100-day audit/review completed this spring by Interim Director Mike Padavic and of the independent audit from LMT Consulting.

The membership of both committees is expected to be limited, however the committees are also expected to use input from a wide range of outside resources in the community as consultants or liaisons. Community members are invited to submit their name for committee consideration and/or to offer individuals/organizations to serve as a resource for committees during their work.

Please submit suggestions to District 64 utilizing this form

The Board of Education will further discuss the goals, membership and operation of the two committees at the next regular meeting on Monday, July 9.

The Committees will operate under the Illinois Open Meetings Act; agendas will be posted in advance, the meetings will be public, and minutes will be prepared.