2020 Vision Strategic Plan

District 64 has created a new 2020 Vision Strategic Plan through a community-informed planning process. Read more about the process on this companion pageThe plan identifies the most important challenges District 64 will need to address in the next five years, and how the District will go about meeting them.

The plan was adopted by the Board of Education on June 22, 2015.

Year Two Implementation 2016-17

A mid-year written update on Year Two implementation from Superintendent Laurie Heinz was included in the February 21, 2017 Board meeting report. Due to the lateness of the hour, the report was not discussed by the Board at that time.

Year One Implementation 2015-16

Or, view the following key elements:

Balanced Scorecard

The Strategic Plan provides the Board of Education, administration and both professional and support staff direction over an extended period of time to organize expertise, develop systems, and allocate resources to achieve the District’s mission.

It also includes the basic measures (key performance indicators) in a balanced scorecard that will be used to assess progress from 2015-16 through 2019-20. The success of District 64 is defined when looking across multiple measures in this new tool. The scorecard will help us monitor and report progress toward goals to the Board of Education and larger District 64 community. Goals that are well written and monitored will help clarify our work and allow us to know when we have met our targets.

Scorecards for each year of implementation: