Lunch Menu & Payment

Middle school students in grades 6-8 remain at school during their scheduled lunch period.  Students who need to go home for lunch must bring a note from a parent to the homeroom teacher each time this need arises; the parent must pick up the student at the school office.  On return, the student must report to the office and sign back in before returning to class.

Students may bring their lunch from home and purchase beverages and a la carte items, or they may purchase a hot lunch.  Students can use cash to pay for their purchases, or can enter their ID number on a keypad to have the amount deducted from a pre-paid account.

Lunch Tray

Monthly Menus 2016-17:

May & June (PDF)

April (PDF)

New! Arbor Management's mission and food selection guidelines 2016-17 (PDF)

The cost of the daily lunch including milk is $2.95.

A la carte menu price list for 2016 - 17 (PDF)

Questions about the menu? Phone 847-318-4307 or e-mail

The food service is operated by Arbor. For nutritional information visit the nutritional information webpage.

Two ways to pay at lunch:

Students have the choice of paying either with cash or by using a keypad system (linked to an account parents have established for them)

If you would like to add value to your child’s lunch account, just enter the payment site on this page or send a check to the office that can be added to the account.

Application for free lunch/milk is available on the "Pay Student Fees" page of the website.

BEGINNING MARCH 1 - MySchoolBucks!

MySchoolBucks replaces RevTrak in processing payments to student lunch accounts. Read more about the greater convenience and flexibility MySchoolBucks proviides!

Do you already have a MySchoolBucks account for your high school student? Review these simple directions to quickly add your middle school student to your existing account.

Lunch Card Payments

March 1 (enter by clicking the image below):

My School Bucks


Behavior at Lunch

Middle school students are expected to sit at assigned tables while eating, return dirty dishes and trays to the counter, and deposit paper and refuse in the recycling and waste containers provided before moving outdoors in an orderly fashion.  Staff members supervise the lunch rooms.  Students spend approximately half the period eating, and the remainder at supervised recess outdoors, weather permitting.  Students are expected to stay in designated areas of the grounds, and report to their next class upon reentry.  Restrooms in gym hallways are available for use during lunch periods.

For all grade levels, expectations for student behavior are the same during lunch as the remainder of the school day.  (Please see "Behavior at Lunch" within the annual District 64 Student-Parent Handbook.)