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Student Fees for 2021-22: required fees remain unchanged for 13th year

Fees for 2021-22 were adopted by the Board of Education at the March 11, 2021 meeting. This is the 13th year that annual required student fees have remained constant. A complete fee list for 2021-22 is available here.

If needed, here is a step-by-step guide on how to pay your fee list.

What makes up required fees? As guided by Illinois law, District 64 charges an annual student fee to support learning by partially offsetting expenses for instructional materials, supplies and technology. Student fees do not cover salaries to deliver education, such as teachers and teacher assistants, or for other staff, such as office/health assistants, custodians, principals, or District administration. The only staff salaries that can be included in fees are for student supervision.

How are costs shared between current parents and taxpayers?
In this fee study for 2021-22, charts illustrate the major components for both elementary and middle school students, while itemized lists offer complete details for each category. At the elementary level, students receive materials, supplies and technology valued at $619; the required student fee for grades 1-5 is $227. Therefore, the cost split is 37% paid by parents of current students and 63% carried in the District’s budget paid by all local property taxpayers. At the middle school level, students receive materials, supplies and technology valued at $742; the required student fee for grades 6-8 is $315. Therefore, the cost split is 42% paid by parents of current students and 58% carried in the District’s budget paid by all local property taxpayers.

Online Payments

Please visit the Elementary Lunch webpage or the Middle School Lunch wepage for monthly lunch menus and information on how to order/pay. Information on how to apply for free lunch/milk is provided below.

Parents paying registration fees will be invoiced via email for each student’s registration fees. Parents will make an online payment via MySchoolBucks.  My School Bucks Logo

MySchoolBucks INSTRUCTIONS: If you do not already have a MySchoolBucks account, you can find instructions here (PDF)

Parents will be invoiced each month and can make payments electronically through MySchoolBucks.  


Those with Chromebook incident fees (for damage to Chromebooks), participation in chorus, sports, or wishing to purchase a yearbook may do so after the school year begins through the MySchoolBucks portal by clicking on School Store and and browsing all items.

Band and Orchestra: For those students who signed up during registration, this fee will be included on the MySchoolBucks invoice. Parents who register their students for band and/or orchestra after the registration period will make payments via the MySchoolBucks portal.

Parents may also pay via a check or money order by mail or in person to the District 64 office, 164 S. Prospect Avenue, Park Ridge, IL 60068.

Questions on Payments? Contact Director of Business Services Valerie Varhalla via email or phone 847-318-4322.


Application for Free Lunch/Milk and Student Fee Waiver

In order that no student is denied educational services due to the inability of parents or guardians to pay, the District waives fees for students who meet certain eligibility criteria. Basically, a student is eligible if the family's income is below the levels established by the Federal government. The waiver includes:  the required grade level student fee; middle school interscholastic athletics fee; instrumental music and chorus fee; field trips; and, lunches. Children who receive these benefits are treated the same as other students; there is no discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability.

Note: There are separate criteria for free lunch/milk eligibility and student fee waiver eligibility.  If you are applying for both free lunch/milk and the student fee waiver, please complete both applications.

2021-22 School Year

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