End of the Year Assembly - Matt Wilhelm

performer on unicycle

Carpenter Students were treated to an exciting end of the year assembly with a powerful and positive message thanks to our PTO.

Matt Wilhelm is a BMX Flatland rider and motivational speaker. He is known for his fast spinning and aggressive riding style. He is a three-time X Games Medalist, World Championship Silver Medalist, and two-time United States National Champion.

Among other television appearances Matt advanced to the semi-finals on America’s Got Talent. He also won America’s Got Talent YouTube Competition, and won FOX TV’s 30 Seconds to Fame.

Wilhelm is also a motivational speaker and performs at over 300 schools per year. He was featured in the award winning documentary Stop Bullying: Speak UP with President Obama on Cartoon Network.

Here are some of Matt’s accolades:

  • 3-Time X Games Medalist
  • 2-Time National Champion
  • World Championship Bronze and Silver Medalist
  • Semi-Finalist on America’s Got Talent
  • Winner of America’s Got Talent YouTube Competition
  • Winner of FOX TV’s 30 Seconds to Fame
  • Red Bull Fight with Flight Champion
  • Guinness World Record Holder

Matt shared his fantastic tricks and his uplifting stories about learning from failure to become a champion, overcoming bullying, and encouraged students to be someone's hero by not standing around and stopping unkind words and bullying.