The Lighthouse Project (5th grade student)

Students with the Lighthouse

Light Us Up!!!

Our 5th grade student council is participating in "Re-Imagining Pharos-", the Greektown Lighthouse Display. The lighthouse has always stood as a symbol and guide to safe harbor since as early as 332 BCE, with the construction of the first known lighthouse in Greece, the Pharos of Alexandria. As a result of Mrs. Grosso’s involvement with teaching traditional Greek dancing to people of all abilities, Mrs. Bianchi and our Student Council sponsors are thrilled we were able to work with student council members to create a lighthouse sculpture by focusing on our school theme for September: our entry is titled “All Are Welcome in the Dance of Life!".

When you visit the lighthouse, look for these aspects in its design:

Gold domes on buildings in Greece represent Enlightenment- a connection we hope everyone makes with the learning happening in our school; The Nine Muses around the “light” section signify how everyone is given different talents and gifts and we should strive to use them to the best of our ability; the scenic village by the sea in the traditional color scheme of some Greek towns and the horses represent living in harmony with nature; the use of mosaic, an ancient traditional art form, incorporates the idea that many small pieces contribute to the strength of the whole, larger structure; lastly, the dancing children motif is the most important: in Greek tradition, they say "as more people join the dance, our circle gets bigger"; in other words, the more the merrier and all are welcome! At Carpenter, the Little School with the Big Heart, we hope this sentiment always shines through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Our lighthouse installation will be on display downtown in Chicago, near the intersection of Halsted and Monroe in front of the Starbucks, for the next several weeks in October and November. We hope you will find an opportunity to take your families to explore and enjoy all of the entries in this exciting and fun exhibit soon. See pictures here