Exciting Day at Carpenter - Track-a-Thon Assembly and a Visit from Maine South Football Players

Exciting Day at Carpenter - Track-a-Thon Assembly and a Visit from Maine South Football Players

Friday, December 9th was an extra-exciting day at Carpenter School.  Several members of the State Champion Maine South High School Football Team visited Carpenter in the morning with their trophy.  They greeted students as they came to school, joined 1st graders in Mrs. Komenda's classroom in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and stopped by a few classrooms to show the trophy, answer questions, and sign some autographs.  We reinforced the message that practicing, effort, and teamwork has positive outcomes.

Later in the morning, we had our all-school track-a-thon assembly.  It typically takes place in October, but with the construction in the north gym, we postponed the assembly.  We thanked everyone that helped to make the event a success.  The students watched a terrifically produced video from the track-a-thon and students cheered and sang along.  Our master of ceremonies, Mr. Tom, announced all of our winners as the students cheered for their classmates.  Forty of our students won time on a game truck that will come to Carpenter School at a later date.  Several students won prizes today, some of which they'll bring home, some of which the PTO will contact parents about (for example, Cubs tickets).  Classroom prizes were earned for most laps run and most money raised. Our top earner will get to have lunch with the principal.

The most exciting news came when Mr. Tom slowly unveiled the total amount of money that was raised.  We raised $29,447.50 for our PTO from this fundraiser.  That is truly amazing and I wanted to thank you all for contributing.  All of this money will come back into Carpenter to benefit all of our students.  You are truly an amazing community!

Enjoy the picture links below.  Thank you to Mrs. El Metenanni for taking all of the photos and sharing them with me today.

State Champion Maine South Football Players Visit 

Track-a-Thon Assembly Pictures