We are looking for more lunchroom staff. If you are interested, please email Mr. Walsh or Mrs. Lech. If you're interested in the supervisor role, please indicate that in the email. This is a paid position.

What's new in the Lunchroom?

*Students now can pick where they eat within their grade level tables. This has been very exciting! I've noticed how students are trying out new seats and mixing classes. We are certain this will invite new bonds and friendships to be formed!

*We are taking attendance after lunch when students return to their classrooms for the afternoon. This allows us more time to eat and our staff to talk and connect with the students.

*Ms. Dinverno has joined the team for now. She is new to Franklin and teaches 4th grade! Our students are excited to get to know her better.

*The weather has been so nice & the 5th graders are now walking to the lunchroom by exiting out the side door. This cuts down the travel time to lunch which=more time to eat and play!

Feel free to contact myself or Mr. Walsh anytime if you have any questions or ideas! We hope you'll consider joining us too!


Take Care,

Mrs. Lech, assistant principal