Young Author winners for 2019 show creative spark

Young Author winners for 2019 show creative spark


Whether they were inspired by nature, science fiction, an everyday object or something quite unique, you can be sure that D64's newest crop of outstanding Young Authors winners showed a special creative spark that set them apart in exhibiting great promise as a budding author!  

This year's 16 District-level winners of our annual creative writing competition were selected from a pool of talented school winners at every grade level. Students wrote and illustrated an original short story independently at home. The winners were officially congratulated at the May 20, 2019 Board of Education meeting.

PHOTO - front row: Aria Fioravanti, Chloe Sanderson, Leah Born, Emily Dickson; 2nd row: Kaia Bechtold, Grace Migasi, Sofia DiLorenzo,  Lucy Sacor, Devan Young, Noah Jang; 3rd row: Jack Fadin, Thomas Hurley, Briana Zahara, Macy Monical, Claudia Domusiewicz. 

This year, 375 budding writers participated in our Young Authors competition, which is organized by D64 English Language Arts Curriculum Specialist Meghan Keefer. 

The 2019 outstanding Young Authors and the titles of their works are:

  • Kindergarten: Washington students Rachel Born and Chloe Sanderson - “The Four Baby Turtles”
  • 1st Grade: Roosevelt student Emily Dickson - “I Miss You”
  • 2nd Grade: Franklin student Aria Fioravanti - “The Darling Of The Circus”
  • 3rd Grade: Franklin students Devan Young and Noah Jang - “The Story Of Ordinary Crayon”
  • 4th Grade: Field students Sofia DiLorenzo, Lucy Sacor and Grace Migasi - “My Best Friend Is A Vampire”
  • 5th Grade: Carpenter student Kaia Bechtold - “Rise”
  • 6th Grade - TIE: Lincoln student Thomas Hurley - “The Greenest Stalk Of Bamboo,” and Lincoln student Briana Zahara - “Lead Me Down The Right Path”
  • 7th Grade: Emerson students Evan Saurer and Jack Fadin - “Glitched Out 2”
  • 8th Grade: Emerson students Claudia Domusiewicz and Macy Monical - “File Number: 3007, Outbreak 32”

D64 winners typically are invited to attend the annual Illinois Young Authors’ Conference. D64 was disappointed to learn that the state cancelled the event for 2019. We hope it will return next year!