Franklin School will reopen on May 21

Franklin School will reopen on May 21

FINAL UPDATE - 6:00 p.m. Monday, May 20

Franklin School families and staff have been notified that the school has been cleaned and cleared for students and staff to return to school tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21. However, the gymnasium will still be undergoing clean up the rest of this week, so we are unable to use the gym for lunch, PE classes, or Beyond the Bell. 

We will be making the following adjustments: 


  • Our students will eat their lunches in their classrooms, as they do on our Holiday Sing day. We will take extra precautions to wipe down desks before and after lunch and have student wash their hands before and after lunch to reduce the risk of nut residue on our classroom surfaces
  • We will not be able to serve "hot lunch" the remainder of the week but we will be offering box lunches for those students who have previously ordered a hot lunch for this week.
  • For tomorrow May 31, if your child ordered: Option A or C: Your child will receive a ham and cheese sub with chips and apples; Option B: Your child will receive a Caesar salad wrap with chips and apples
  • Wednesday: Option A or C: Your child will receive a Turkey and Cheese Wrap with chips and apples; Option B: Your child will receive a Veggie Hummus Wrap with chips and apples
  • Thursday: Option A or C: Your child will receive a BLT Wrap with chips and apples; Option B: Your child will receive a Caesar Wrap with chips and apples
  • Friday: Option A or C : Your child will receive a Ham and Cheese Sub with chips and apples; Option B: Your child will receive a Tuna Salad and provolone sandwich with chips and apples
  • **All meals are served with choice of milk or water. If you do NOT want the box lunch option offered as a replacement to the hot lunch ordered, please contact Lindsey Borchers at for a refund.

Beyond the Bell program BEFORE and AFTER school will be relocated to our LRC and our Auditorium for the remainder of this week. 

Lastly, since we missed our "P" Pajama day in our ABC countdown today, students and staff are allowed to wear their pajamas tomorrow to school for our P/Q day. 

PROGRESS UPDATE - 2:00 p.m. Monday, May 20

Franklin School families and staff have been informed that D64 is continuing to assess whether school can reopen on Tuesday. Here is an update of what has already been accomplished:

  • The State Fire Marshal has completed the inspection of the electrical panel within the mechanical room adjacent to the gym where the problem occurred.
  • At the direction of the District’s insurance carrier, a licensed engineering firm has also completed its review.
  • An electrical contractor is on site along with ComEd to complete needed repairs.
  • A restoration company is continuing to thoroughly clean and ventilate the affected area.

Based on the work underway, at present D64 does not yet know whether school can be reopened tomorrow. D64 will inform parents and staff as soon as we possibly can.

ANNOUNCEMENT Sunday, May 19 

Families and staff of Franklin School, 2401 Manor Lane, Park Ridge, have been informed that Franklin will be closed on Monday, May 20, 2019 and possibly Tuesday, May 21, 2019 due to an incident that occurred Sunday afternoon at the school when smoke was found emanating from an electrical service room at the back of the gym. Thanks to prompt action by the Park Ridge Fire Department, the incident was handled swiftly and ventilation of the school began immediately. District 64 has been informed that the State Fire Marshal must now inspect the area to confirm that the root cause of the incident has been correctly diagnosed and any needed repairs can be completed. In addition, a restoration company is working to clean the affected areas and the building continues to be ventilated, which also will require more time. Franklin families and staff will receive progress updates as soon as they are available. 

D64 Extended Day Kindergarten - Franklin students enrolled in this program may attend on May 20, however, no transportation will be provided to or from the program.

In addition, the Park District is offering a special Day Off School program for Franklin students: School's Out Fun Club for Ages 5-12, Monday, May 20, 8:30am-6:00pm, $55 Resident

  • Course Number 2110606-12 Register online now or in person at the Maine Park Leisure Center, 2701 W. Sibley, where the program will be held.

Please remember to bring a nut-free lunch, snack, and drink.