Greg Tang Math Night was a huge success!

Group shot of students in attendance

Thanks to a grant from our fabulous PTO and the Elementary Learning Foundation (ELF), we were able to host Greg Tang for a night of math learning and fun. Our North Gym was packed full of excited students and their amazed parents. How often do students want to come to school at night for extra math learning. Greg Tang wowed everyone during our school day assemblies and brought the same excitement to our night event. His focus on solving problems and thinking creatively showed that math is not just memorizing math facts. Since this night, we opted to purchase Wacky Wednesday puzzles from Greg Tang and they are emailed to our staff every week. Our teachers can not only use their own grade level, but also higher or lower grade levels to really help differentiate the math instruction in their classrooms. It was a great night and will continue to keep our students engaged in their math learning.