Lincoln-Emerson St. Baldrick's 2019 tops in nation for schools

Lincoln-Emerson St. Baldrick's 2019 tops in nation for schools

Special Message of Appreciation from Superintendent Laurie Heinz
St. Baldrick's "Shave Day" March 19, 2019

To the District 64 Community:

I have literally run out of exclamation points and adjectives to describe the tremendous outcome of the first, joint Lincoln-Emerson fundraiser to benefit the St. Baldrick’s pediatric cancer foundation. How incredibly proud we are of our middle school students and staff members for taking on the challenge of being #D64BiggerBolderBalder this year -- you have accomplished that, and more! I am bursting with pride over what you have accomplished.

Shave Day was this afternoon, and according to St. Baldrick’s our joint effort is the HIGHEST EVER school event in their history: $406,000+ as shown on the website PLUS at least another $10,000 to be added shortly in donations arriving directly to the schools -- can you believe it? And contributions are still being accepted online here, too!

I simply could not be prouder of the commitment, empathy and maturity of our students who learned so many invaluable lessons about caring -- how to think beyond themselves and support those in need. Our students worked together with such enthusiasm and creativity to raise hope, spirits and money for this important cause by becoming shavees, donating hair or being volunteers to help in so many other ways. Kudos! 

A special thank you to our dedicated middle school teachers and staff, who literally went above and beyond to guide and inspire students, and who themselves joined in the campaign by shaving, donating hair, sponsoring events for students to raise money by offering themselves to be raffled to “receive” a cream pie in the face, organizing an after school video game tournament, helping lead maker-space projects, preparing chili lunches -- the list goes on and on. What an amazing staff! 

And thank you to the families and this community. Your active participation, encouragement and generosity made all the difference to these students -- and to the thousands of children just like them who will benefit from the life-saving research St. Baldrick’s funds each year.  

Please enjoy these first photo galleries -- Emerson and Lincoln. And also tune in to our local Chicago TV stations (ABC7, CBS2 and FOX32) that joined us today, and WGN who was here on Friday. Enjoy the positive and uplifting spotlight on our students, schools and the entire District 64 community.

My best,

Dr. Laurie Heinz, Superintendent