Elementary School Lunch

Parents use MyMealOrder to place their lunch choices for their students.  You will be required to select a beverage since the lunches are being delivered to the students, there will be no option to switch beverages.

If your student is on the Free Lunch Waiver you will still need to place orders for your students. This is the only way that we know that you want your student to get a meal in school. When you place your orders your student will be coded as part of the program and you will not be prompted for payment. They will NOT have the option to pick up another selection since meals are being made per orders received.

If your student is quarantined and you have meal orders placed please contact Lindsey Borchers at LBorchers@d64.org to communicate the need for a credit. Please include your students name, school they attend and the dates they are in quarantine. Also note if you do not contact to cancel these meals they will be sent to the schools and you will be responsible for the cost associated with them. Schools will NOT be providing quarantine lists for automatic cancelation, you MUST contact for meal cancelations prior to meals being delivered to schools. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation!

Elementary lunch orders must be placed by Thursday for the week ahead.

Lunch menus for each school are available on the MyMealOrder website. 
Click on the logo to review menu and order.

Review these PDF easy instructions on how to create an account and begin ordering.

New MyMealOrder enhancements outlined in this video!

Click for video transcript

Boy on lunch line.Elementary students in grades 1-5 remain at school during their scheduled lunch period.

District 64 partners with Quest Food Management Services to provide a high quality hot lunch program for grades 1-8.

Students may also choose to bring a lunch from home, and either provide their own beverage in an unbreakable container (no cans or glass bottles) or preorder daily milk or water.

In addition, District 64 also conducts a food composting program in all school lunch rooms as part of our sustainability initiatives.

Quest Nutritional Information

Quest nutritional information is available on their website. Click to read about Quest's approach to COVID-19. More detailed questions about menus and food service should be directed to Quest Food Service Director Lindsey Borchers via email or by phone at 847-962-9957.

Free Lunch/Milk Application

The application for free lunch/milk is available on the Pay Student Fees webpage.

Behavior at Lunch

For all grade levels, expectations for student behavior are the same during lunch as the remainder of the school day. Please consult the Student-Parent Handbook for details.