Message from the Principal

I am thrilled to be the Principal of Washington Elementary School. I love collaborating and learning with my students, parents and families that make up our wonderful school community. It is an honor to be part of a faculty and staff committed to providing the best possible education for every child in a safe, nurturing environment.  

Washington Elementary School is a community of learners, with over 650 children in grades K-5, nearly 80 staff members, and more than 470 families. Our children are dynamic, energetic 21st century learners who are actively engaged in the building blocks of education, such as reading, writing and math, as well as art, music, physical education and Spanish. Our teachers and students are excited to embrace 1:1 learning with the use of Chromebooks in grades 3-5. We believe that students also need opportunities to develop as citizens. We are committed to explicitly teaching and consistently demonstrating "Washington R.O.A.R.S". At Washington School, that is our school wide behavior expectations. Our R.O.A.R.S. is a systems approach for establishing the social culture and individualized behavioral supports that are needed to have effective  learning environments for all students. R.O.A.R.S stands for Respect, Ownership, Attitude, Responsibility, and Safety. 

I believe the partnership between our families and our school is an important part of our success. Students benefit as parents and guardians are involved in their learning.  It is our goal to have consistent communication between home and school and regular opportunities for families to learn about what is happening at school.

I am passionate about student learning and helping every child become life-long learners. I believe that school is a "mistake-making," safe place where all children must have opportunities to learn and grow. I am very passionate about collaborating with students, parents, and teachers to help our students achieve their absolute best.

I am looking forward to a great year at Washington!


Mrs. Stephanie Daly