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Science Olympiad 2024

Science Olympiad 2024

It was great having the Science Olympiad back in action! On February 10th, more than 200 D64 4th and 5th-grade students competed at Emerson Middle School.

Students worked in teams to represent their schools in one of five events: Aerodynamics, Egg Drop, Mystery Box, Rubber Band Catapult, and Structures. 

Congratulations to all of the participants and the 2024 medalists!

Aerodynamics- students create a paper airplane to have it fly and land on a target 8 meters away. 

1st Place: Franklin - (Gr. 4) Constantine C. & Christian C.
2nd Place: Field - (Gr. 5) Ben L., Vail F., & Aiden G.
3rd Place: Roosevelt - (Gr. 5) Jacob D.

Egg Drop- students create an egg catching device that will prevent the egg from breaking when dropped from increasing heights. 

1st Place: Field - (Gr. 4 & 5) Lucy H., Evelyn F. & Ella S. (12 feet) 

2nd Place: TWO-WAY TIE
Washington - (Gr. 5 ) Matthew L.& Liam S. (11 feet)
Washington - (Gr. 4 ) Whitney M. & Alexia N. (11 feet)

3rd Place:  TWO-WAY TIE
Field- (Gr. 5) Dylan K., Harris L. & Hudson S. (9 feet)
Franklin - (Gr. 4) Ella H., Oliva M. & Ilona V. (9 feet) 

Mystery Box- students identify the characteristics of an object using senses other than sight. 

1st Place: Washington - (Gr. 5) Kayleigh M., Alina G. & Chloe S.
2nd Place: Field, Franklin, & Washington - (Gr. 4 & 5) Elizabeth M., Zara L. & Lia K.
3rd Place: Carpenter - (Gr 4 & 5) Vivienne S., Eviana S. & Ben W.

Rubber Band Catapult: students build a catapult that will shoot a rubber band between 4-10 meters away. 

1st Place: Carpenter- (Gr. 5) Miles T., Massimo T. & Brandon H.
2nd Place: Roosevelt - (Gr. 4) Henry M. & Liam V.
3rd Place: Roosevelt - (Gr. 5) Sebastian S. & Max W.

Structures- students build a tall, free-standing structure. Whoever builds the tallest structure without tipping over wins. 

1st Place: Field (Gr. 4) Sam T. & Ethan T.(28 inches)
2nd Place: Field - (Gr. 4) Anna L. & Joe P. (25 inches)
3rd Place: Field - (Gr. 5) Owen G. & John P. (22 inches)


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