BOE Video 4-29-21

District 64 Board of Education - April 29, 2021:
Special meeting

This was a virtual meeting and recorded as such.

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Board members and staff on this video include:  President Rick Biagi; Vice President Tom Sotos; Secretary Carol Sales; Board member Larry Ryles; Board member Fred Sanchez; Board member Denise Pearl; Board member Rebecca Little; Board Member-elect Gareth Kennedy; Board Member-elect Phyllis Lubinski; Board Member-elect Nicole Woitowich; Superintendent Eric Olson; Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, Joel Martin; Director of Technology Mary Jane Warden; Assistant Superintendent, Student Learning, Lori Lopez; Chief Business School Official Luann Kolstad; legal counsel Steven Richart; and Administrative Assistant Natasha Nedeljkovic.

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Call to Order


0:00:07 Meeting of the Board Convenes  
0:00:15 Roll Call  
0:00:31 Pledge of Allegiance  
0:00:53 Opening Remarks from the President of the Board  
0:01:07 Public Comments (on non-agenda items)  
0:02:12 Approval of meeting agenda  

Acceptance of Canvass of Votes for Election of Board Members for April 6, 2021

0:03:47 Approval Minutes  
0:05:19 Recognition of Retiring Board Members  
0:29:01 Adjournment Sine Die