Student Learning

Does our department website look unfamiliar? This summer we streamlined our department site to provide quicker access to information about our curriculum and learning programs. We hope you find our refreshed site easier to use!

Welcome to the Department for Student Learning

The Department of Student Learning is committed to providing District 64 educators with the tools needed to positively impact student learning. The Department supports all aspects of the instructional program including curriculum, instruction, professional development,  and assessment. In collaboration with the Curriculum Specialists, Instructional Technology Coaches, Library Information Specialists, Department Chairpersons, Liaisons, and other teacher leaders, our mission is to provide an exemplary program of instruction for students that contributes to the development of the “whole child.”

Meet the Department for Student Learning

Lori Hinton Lopez
Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning

Mary Jane Warden
Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology (JE)

Carey Meredith
Asst. to the Department for Student Learning

Kathy Makowski
Administrative Secretary-Student Learning

Lynn Barabasz
Science Center Assistant (RO)

Amy Konwal
Primary Challenge/Channels of Challenge Assistant (CA)

Curriculum Specialists:

  • Art: Sonja Dziedzic (EM)
  • English Learner: Kathy Zajac (CA)
  • Primary Challenge/Channels of Challenge: Sandy Blethen (CA)
  • Foreign Language: Chris Hammer (EM)
  • LA: Meghan Keefer (RO)
  • Math: Tracie Thomas (FR)
  • General Music: Terry Broeker (EM)
  • Instrumental Music: Erica Faulhaber (EM)
  • PE: Andrew Bielenda (RO)
  • Science/Health/Social Studies: Dina Pappas (FI)

Instructional Technology Coaches:

  • Tiffany Costa (RO)
  • Rachel Labuz (WA)
  • Kevin Michael (CA)
  • Beth Rihtar (EM)
  • Julie Powell (LI)
  • Jessica Radek (FI)
  • Angel Villarreal (FR)

Library Information Specialists:

  • Caroline Schaab (FI)
  • Taryn Handlon (RO)
  • Andrea Hetzke (FR)
  • Brittney Joyce (WA)
  • Kathleen Loftus (CA)
  • Katie Contreras (EM)
  • Denise Reeder (LI)

Middle School Department Chairs & Liaisons:

  • Language Arts: Lindsey Harrington (EM) & Justin Jonas (LI)
  • Math: Jess Caplis (EM) & Michele Jones (EM)
  • Science: Chris Corlett (LI) & Kara Pottinger (EM)
  • Social Studies: Tom Nasshan (LI) & Doug Florence (EM)