BOE Video 2-18-20

District 64 Board of Education - February 18, 2020:
Regular meeting

This meeting was taped on location at Jefferson School (multipurpose room), 8200 Greendale Avenue, Niles, IL.

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IN VIEW (FROM LEFT):  Legal counsel Tony Loizzi; Board member Fred Sanchez; Board member Denise Pearl; Secretary Carol Sales; President Rick Biagi; Superintendent Eric Olson; Vice President Tom Sotos; Chief School Business Official Luann Kolstad; Board member Larry Ryles; and Board member Rebecca Little..

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Call to Order

Agenda     Reports



Board recesses and adjourns to closed meeting

0:01:28 Board adjourns from closed meeting and resumes the regular meeeting  
0:01:57 Pledge of Allegiance and Welcome to Jefferson School Jefferson Principal Lisa Halverson
0:12:02 Public comment  
0:12:48 Approval of meeting agenda  
0:13:00 Student / Staff recognition  
0:31:16 PT3 Update Dr. Lea Anne Frost, Director of Student Services
1:19:30 Preliminary enrollment projects for 2020-21 school year Dr. Joel Martin, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
1:51:51 Approval of recommended personnel report  
1:52:57 Update of long-range financial projections Luann Kolstad, Chief School Business Official
1:58:01 Discussion of upcoming third amendment to regular & special education transportation services contract  
2:07:33 Discussion of upcoming natural gas supplier contract renewal  
2:10:00 Discussion of upcoming Quest Food Management Services contract renewal  
2:27:52 Consent agenda  
2:29:59 Approval of minutes  


Other discussion and items of information  


New business