BOE Video 2-4-19

District 64 Board of Education - February 4, 2019:
Closed session and rescheduled regular meeting 

This meeting was taped on location at Jefferson School (Multipurpose Room), 8200 Greendale Ave., IL.

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IN VIEW (FROM LEFT):  Board legal counsel Tony Loizzi; Assistant Superintendent Joel Martin; Board member Fred Sanchez; Secretary Tom Sotos; President Anthony Borrelli; Superintendent Laurie Heinz; Vice President Rick Biagi; Chief School Business Official Luann Kolstad; Board member Mark Eggemann; Board member Bob Johnson; and Assistant Superintendent Lori Lopez. Board member Larry Ryles was absent. 

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Agenda Item

Other Presenters


Call to Order

Agenda     Reports

Closed session [5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1) and (10)]



Resume regular meeting
President's Remarks



Pledge of Allegiance 



Student/Staff Recognition: Emerson Dance Club Performance; Lincoln and Emerson Boys Basketball; Washington School - IL Senate Certificate of Recognition; National Board Certification Recognition



Board President Announcements
Public comments


Superintendent Search Update



Approval of 2019 Construction Projects: Approval of the 2019 Mechanical Equipment Replacement at Lincoln School; Approval of the 2019 Plumbing Piping Replacement Work at Carpenter School

Facility Management Director Ron DeGeorge, Studio GC architect Rick Petricek


Present Tentative Draft Calendar for 2020-21 School Year



Special Education Update December to January and Special Education Board Committee Report

Director of Student Services Lea Anne Frost


Adoption of Resolution #1219 Directs the Chief School Business Official Under the Direct Supervision of the Superintendent to Begin Preparation of a Tentative Budget for the 2019-20 Fiscal Year in Accordance with Board Policy 4:10 Fiscal and Business Management and the Illinois School Code 105 ILCS 5/17-1



Interim Update of Long-Range Financial Projections



Approval of Recommended Personnel Report



Consent Agenda: Bills, Payroll and Benefits; Approval of Financial Update for the Period Ending December 31, 2018; Approval of School Exec Connect Contract; Destruction of Audio Closed Recordings (none)



Approval of Minutes: December 10, 2018 - closed session, regular meeting; December 18, 2018 - closed session, special meeting; January 7, 2019 special meeting; January 14, 2019 closed session, special meeting



Other discussion and items of information: upcoming agenda; FOIA requests; District Committee Updates (PTO/A Presidents' Meeting, ELF); memos of information - BOE Organizational Meeting, Channels of Challenge Program Update; minutes of Board Committees - SPED Board Committee meeting December 19, 2018