News from April 11, 2018 Board of Education meeting

News from April 11, 2018 Board of Education meeting

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Highlights of the meeting include:

New Director of Student Services has deep experience in all facets of special education - Dr. Lea Anne Frost was approved as the new Director of Student Services effective July 1. Dr. Frost will replace Mr. Mike Padavic, who has served as interim director since mid-December. Dr. Frost has more than 20 years of varied experiences in all facets of special education, beginning as a classroom teacher through being the administrator of a large multi-district cooperative with many leadership roles in between! "We are confident that she will bring warmth and empathy to her role, along with a commitment to engage parents and staff as partners in working collaboratively to make D64’s student support services second to none while meeting the needs of every child," according to Superintendent Laurie Heinz. Read more about Dr. Frost here.

Experienced administrator selected for Franklin School's new full-time Assistant Principal - Mrs. Christa Donnelly was confirmed as the new full-time Assistant Principal of Franklin School effective July 26, 2018. Earlier this spring, the Board approved a plan to provide separate, full-time assistant principals for both Franklin and Carpenter Schools in lieu of sharing a single assistant. “We are extremely pleased to welcome Mrs. Donnelly, who is an experienced administrator already well acquainted with the responsibility of helping lead within a fast-paced yet student-centered school environment,” Dr. Heinz said. "Her growth mindset as well as her success in working cooperatively with staff and maintaining strong relationships with parents will make her a dynamic partner with Principal Claire Kowalczyk as they work closely to lead Franklin School in reaching its goals,” Dr. Heinz noted. Read more about Mrs. Donnelly here.

Special education audit team members introduced - Lisa Harrod of LMT Consulting introduced herself and the three members of the team conducting a review of District 64's Student Services Department, and provided details about the focus groups and school visits scheduled for April 11, 12 and 16, along with surveys of special education parents and staff. Read more here.