Community members invited to apply for Superintendent Focus Group on Social Emotional Learning

Community members invited to apply for Superintendent Focus Group on Social Emotional Learning

Members of the Park Ridge-Niles community are invited to apply for selection to the newly formed 2017-18 Superintendent Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Focus Group. 

"As you may know, two years ago I launched a Superintendent Community Relations Council with the goal of opening new lines of communication, expanding awareness of District initiatives, and developing relationships between District 64 and the larger Park Ridge-Niles community," Superintendent Laurie Heinz announced. "This dedicated group of community volunteers immersed themselves in learning about the 2020 Vision Strategic Plan and its six strategic objectives, and acted as ambassadors to create a two-way dialogue to share information and perspectives to and from the community."

Building on the experience and the invaluable feedback of this inaugural council, Dr. Heinz has announced that for 2017-18, she will establish a one-year Focus Group that will explore a single topic -- social emotional learning, or SEL -- in greater depth.

"During Year 3 of our Strategic Plan in 2017-18, social emotional learning is a key initiative as we implement a new curriculum on a District-wide basis that will affect every child in grades K-8," Dr. Heinz noted. "We believe parents/guardians as well as community members will find this subject of great interest and significance," she added.

Dr. Heinz encourages all members of the community to consider applying, "if you share this interest and/or would like to learn more about the topic."

Focus Group members will be selected to represent a cross-section of D64 parents/guardians and local residents. "The goal is to assemble a diverse group that provides a balance of stakeholder perspectives and voices from throughout the community," she added.

Just as the original Community Relations Council members did, SEL Focus Group participants will be expected to act as communication ambassadors to increase the community’s understanding of SEL in District 64 and to provide D64 with feedback about how the District is meeting the expectations of the community on this topic.

Members will serve for the 2017-18 school year, and must demonstrate willingness to openly communicate, work toward positive outcomes, and have the best interests of both District 64 and the larger community at the center of their volunteerism.

The group will meet a minimum of three times, with the kick off meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, 2018 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Other meetings currently planned are Wednesday, March 14 and Monday, April 30.

Applications of interest for selection to the Superintendent 2017-18 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Focus Group should be submitted on or before Friday, December 22, 2017. Electronic copies are preferred, but applications also can be mailed or hand delivered as long as they arrive on or before the deadline. Members will be notified by email on or after Wednesday, January 10, 2018.

Please see the application form for details.

"I thank you for your interest in District 64 and look forward to continuing to strengthen relationships and develop more lines of communication between the District and larger community," Dr. Heinz affirmed.