Reserve tix now for Nov. 5 "Angst" documentary

Reserve tix now for Nov. 5 "Angst" documentary

In collaboration with the PTOs of Emerson and Lincoln middle schools, District 64 is offering an opportunity to come together to raise awareness of -- and start a community conversation around -- the issue of anxiety by sponsoring a special, free showing of the documentary movie, Angst, for parents/guardians on Monday, November 5, 2018 at the Pickwick Theatre, 5 S. Prospect Ave., Park Ridge, at 7:00 p.m. Seating is limited; pre-registration is required. Free tickets are now available here.  

During this powerful film, you will hear the stories of many children and teenagers who suffer from anxiety. Its impact on their lives and relationships, as well as how they’ve found solutions and hope, is discussed in great detail. In conjunction, this film also highlights the viewpoints and struggles of being a parent/guardian of a child who faces anxiety.

In our own community and across the nation, an increasing number of students struggle with anxiety. According to the World Health Organization, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health challenge in the U.S., impacting 54% of females and 46% of males, with age seven being the median age of onset. While anxiety disorders are highly treatable, only one-third of those suffering from anxiety receive treatment.

In District 64, we recognize and have taken measures to help our students manage their anxiety so that they are able to engage in all that school has to offer. We regularly support our students through individual and group counseling as well as our social emotional learning programs. We would like to further support our families and community by providing information and resources surrounding how to identify and support children experiencing anxiety.

Note that this 51-minute movie is rated by its producers as suitable for ages 11 and older. However, due to the intense scenarios depicted, if you are considering having your child attend along with you, please evaluate whether the movie is appropriate based on his or her maturity level and potential benefit from seeing this presentation.

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