D64 students participate in Veterans Day 2018 learning

D64 students participate in Veterans Day 2018 learning

With Veterans Day falling on a Sunday in 2018, District 64 schools chose to create learning experiences to observe this important national holiday honoring military veterans either on Friday, November 9 or Monday, February 12 during school.

District 64 is proud to offer opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of our nation’s traditions. Here is an overview of some of the ways students and staff are participating in Veterans Day learning:

Friday, November 9

  • Emerson Middle School - Based on the overwhelmingly positive response last year, Emerson created a video to honor veterans and soldiers currently serving the country. Emerson families were invited to send in videos or pictures/information about their relatives. The video was played during morning live announcements. In addition, all students also wrote thank you letters to veterans for Honor Flight Chicago.
  • Roosevelt - Two assemblies were held to allow students to honor our 26 veteran guests! We continued our tradition of having second grade through fifth grade classes visit the veterans in a small group setting to hear more about their experiences in a more personal way. The Roosevelt PTO hosted breakfast and lunch for the vets, and the Roosevelt Chorus performed at our morning assemblies to honor our visiting veterans. We have also created a bulletin board in the library of relatives who have served or are currently serving in the military. See a gallery of photos from Roosevelt below!
  • Carpenter - Carpenter's morning announcements asked students to think about family members who have served and to observe an extra moment of silence in honor of those veterans. Teachers also included learning opportunities about Veterans Day into students daily activities. For example, in a first grade classroom, students are graphing family members that serve in the armed forces and created a classroom graph.
  • Field -  Field's announcement asked students to think about family members who have served and to observe an extra moment of silence in honor of those veterans.
  • Washington - All students were invited to wear Red, White and Blue clothing to honor our veterans! An extra announcement about Veterans Day -- honoring our veterans -- was included in our morning updates.

Monday, November 12

  • Franklin - Franklin will continue its tradition of having the entire school gather around the flagpole outside the front of the school to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing God Bless America.  The Park Ridge Police Honor Guard will join us. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from Franklin will wear their uniforms. All Franklin students are given a little flag to put in the ground around the flagpole. All grade level teachers will do individual activities and instructional learning based around Veterans Day. Two veterans are presently scheduled to speak to students: Captain James Driscoll (Navy) will speak to 4th and 5th grade students, and Matt McGannon (Marines) will speak to our 3rd grade students.  
  • Lincoln - Seventh grade social studies students will have an opportunity to hear from Rob Sarra, a Marine who served in Iraq. 

Teachers throughout the District also conducted individual activities and instructional learning around Veterans Day, too.

Roosevelt School Veterans Day 2018
 Veterans answering questions Veterans sitting at front of room  
Veterans on stage Auditorium full of students and vets