Police give gift of shoes

Police give gift of shoes

Dozens of District 64 elementary school students received an early gift this week from the Park Ridge Police Department, and it came with an important message: kids can be superheroes, just by the little things they do everyday to help others.

The nearly 100 shoes, from Super Heroic footwear company, come complete with bold colors, a cool cylindrical case, and - of course - a superhero cape. The police delivered them to six different District 64 schools at various times this week. The recipients were chosen at random by each of the district’s elementary schools.

“We want to make a connection to the kids and leave them with a positive message,” said Park Ridge Police Chief Frank Kaminski. “This was a great opportunity to give them something just before their holiday break.”

The program was sponsored in part by Unity Partnership and entrepreneur Jason Mayden, owner of Super Heroic footwear company.

The mission of Super Heroic is to empower children through play and give them the confidence to achieve their dreams. Unity Partnership is a community advocacy group working to build youth engagement, law enforcement relationships and community outreach.

“Unity Partnership and the Park Ridge Police Department believe that change begins with ordinary people and at these events it begins with the youth,” said Regina Brent, President and Founder, Unity Partnership.

District 64 Superintendent Eric Olson said having real-life heroes give them a gift sends a positive message to the students.