District 64 reports first two cases of COVID-19

District 64 reports first two cases of COVID-19

District 64 has received notice that two parents from two different Roosevelt Elementary School families have tested positively for COVID-19 by health care providers.

In the first case, brought to the District’s attention on Monday morning, the parent demonstrated symptoms in early March, was tested on March 11, and received the results on Saturday, March 21. The patient is currently hospitalized. The spouse and the children, in self-quarantine at home since March 11 as recommended by health care providers, have shown no symptoms.

In the second case, reported to the District later on Monday, the parent originally noticed symptoms on March 15, was tested on March 16 and received the positive results two days later.

The parent has been in self-quarantine since March 15 and is recovering nicely at home. The spouse and children have kept themselves separated from the parent who tested positive, as recommended by health care providers, and have shown no symptoms.

District 64 Superintendent Eric Olson said his administration continues to take the COVID-19 situation very seriously. The district is partnering with the experts at the Cook County Health Department  (CCHD) for guidance during the COVID-19 outbreak. The CCHD advised the District that no additional steps are necessary.

The superintendent was not surprised to hear of the confirmed cases in District 64 now that more tests are available. He asked the community to maintain social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines in order to protect from the spread of the virus.

“We expect that presumed positive or positive test results will continue to be identified within our community,” Superintendent Olson said. “This is a major reason why schools in Illinois are currently closed and why the Governor issued a “Stay at “Home” order through April 7.”

In keeping with federal privacy laws, the District is not releasing the identity of the parents who tested positive.