World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day

Author Stephen Shaskan proved to more than 140 students and parents on Feb. 3 that reading aloud can make for one of the best parties ever.

The virtual visit, organized by Field School Library Information Specialist Caroline Schaab, marked World Read Aloud Day. It featured Shaskan, author of the popular Pizza and Taco book series.

“We were so excited that Mr. Shaskan was interested and available to participate in World Read Aloud Day!,” Schaab said. “His new book, Pizza and Taco, Best Party Ever! was just released last week and graphic novels are really big with kids these days.”

District 64 staff members dressed up and played the parts of the characters Hotdog, Hamburger, the Chicken Tender twins and Taco while the author read the role of Pizza.

The book leads the listeners through Pizza’s and Taco’s party-planning process. The day of the party highlights a mistake in their planning but shows us how our quick thinking and positive attitudes can save the day!

When the book reading was finished, the author took questions from some of the students in the audience.

“Did you take pictures of the food so they would look realistic?” a student named Jack asked.

“Yes! What a great eye you have for details,” Shaskan answered. “I used bits and pieces of photos of pizza and tacos and put them into a collage program in my computer to make the images look real.”

Shaskan answered Dawson’s question by explaining that Hamburger and Hotdog are his favorite characters because they are always nice to each other. When Teodora asked about a Pizza and Taco theme song, Shaskan took out his guitar and played and sang the theme song much to the crowd’s delight.

Families can order their own signed copy of the book through a partnership with The Book Stall in Winnetka. Each book ordered through the Book Stall will come with a book plate autographed by Stephen Shaskan to remember this special event! When the books arrive, Mrs. Schaab will deliver them to the students. Check out the details by clicking HERE.