District 64 Recognizes Principals

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During a school year, we take time to celebrate and recognize many of our different staffing groups.  October is the month we recognize principals with it being National Principal Appreciation Month.  I hope you will join me as we recognize and appreciate our principals and assistant principals for their incogitable work in creating student success and staff development, especially during the pandemic.

District 64 Principals and Assistant Principals exhibit characteristics that align with our motto: “Together we discover, learn, grow & care”. They are a group of dedicated and passionate educators, who have dealt with unprecedented circumstances, which have only made their already challenging roles that much more difficult.

I am deeply indebted to each of them for how they have led our staff, our students, and our community through the most challenging time of our lives. They help to form an amazing administrative team, and I am continually appreciative that they are in the roles of building leaders. They continue to remain positive influences, focused on what’s best for students and staff through all phases of the virus.

Our excellent District 64 Principals include:

·  Brett Balduf, Carpenter School Principal

·  Sean Degman, Carpenter School Assistant Principal

·  Dr. Samantha Alaimo, Emerson Middle School Principal

·  Louis Kotvis, Emerson Middle School Assistant Principal

·  Tessa Shulman, Emerson Middle School Assistant Principal

·  Courtney Goodman, Field Elementary Principal

·  Christa Donnelly, Field Elementary Assistant Principal

·  Kristin Williams, Franklin Elementary Principal

·  Margaret Burke, Franklin Elementary Assistant Principal

·  Lisa Halverson, Jefferson School Principal

·  David Szwed, Lincoln Middle School Principal

·  Timothy Gleason, Lincoln Middle School Assistant Principal

·  Dr. Kevin Dwyer, Roosevelt School Principal

·  Allison Sobotka, Roosevelt School Assistant Principal

·  Angela Brito, Washington School Principal

·  Janet Van Arsdale, Washington School Assistant Principal

Thank you,

Dr. Eric Olson