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Thank you to our beloved District 64 retirees

The end-of-the-year celebrations continue as District 64 honored 86 staff members who have retired (dating back to the 2019-2020 school year) or will retire at the end of this school year.

The end-of-the-year celebrations continue as District 64 honored 86 staff members who have retired (dating back to the 2019-2020 school year) or will retire at the end of this school year. 

Due to the pandemic, we could not properly recognize and thank all those who retired over the past three years. On Tuesday, we invited retirees back from the 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22 school years and paid tribute to their commitment to our community. Then on Wednesday, we gathered to applaud the retirement class of 2022-2023.

"That's who we're honoring tonight. The person you decided to be and dedicate to this field," said Superintendent Dr. Eric Olson to the group of retirees and soon-to-be retirees. "Thank you for all the years that you shared yourself with us. Thank you for your commitment to the District 64 students and all you did for them and your colleagues all these years. Also, thank you for choosing this profession and doing the best you possibly could." 

Here is a photo gallery from the events. 

"As you step into this new phase of your life, we wish you all the very best. Congratulations on your retirement! May it be filled with joy, good health and endless possibilities," added Dr. Olson. 

Below are the retirees who we honored this week:


  • Linda Adamowski Emerson Middle School
  • Giovanni Biondo Franklin School
  • Steven Hernandez Washington School
  • (Jon) Scott Hulting Lincoln Middle School
  • Mary Jones Franklin School
  • Michael Kennedy Emerson Middle School
  • Diane Kucharski Washington School
  • Thomas Nasshan Lincoln Middle School
  • Kathy Pierucci Field School
  • Steve Senf Emerson Middle School
  • June Sorensen Emerson Middle School
  • Michelle Sutschek Lincoln Middle School
  • Lisa Swain Emerson Middle School
  • Richard Szflarski Lincoln Middle School
  • Jackie Tsevis Jefferson School


  • Linda Aichinger - Emerson Middle School
  • Sharon Bailey - Washington School
  • Sue Balek Jefferson School
  • Timothy Benka - Emerson Middle School
  • Barb Bultinck - Carpenter School
  • Thomas Chiero - Lincoln Middle School
  • Ron DeGeorge - District Office
  • Sonja Dziedzic - Emerson Middle School
  • Barbara Fitzsimons - Roosevelt School
  • Barbara Glass - Jefferson School
  • Russ Haak - Roosevelt School
  • Charlene John - Emerson Middle School
  • Luann Kolstad - District Office
  • Sherilyn Lavelle - Field School
  • Kathleen Loftus - Carpenter School
  • Diane Lohens - Carpenter School
  • Dr. Patty McLean - Emerson Middle School
  • Rosemary Montejo - Jefferson School
  • Joanne Mulvihill - Roosevelt School
  • Veda Neumann - Carpenter School
  • Christina O'Donnell - Roosevelt School
  • Christine Perille - Carpenter School
  • Natalie Jacobson-Prim - Lincoln Middle School
  • Geralyn Soldan - Carpenter School
  • Margaret Temari - Jefferson School
  • Harley Tom - Carpenter School
  • Lisa Truchon - Carpenter School
  • Julie Zielinski - Washington School


  • Ann Marie Bartee - Jefferson Early Childhood Center
  • Natalie Blachut - District Office
  • Sandra Blethen - District 64
  • Paula Coleman - Jefferson Early Childhood Center
  • Karen Collins - Franklin Elementary School
  • William Connor - Lincoln Middle School
  • Kelly Craig - District Office
  • Cettina DeCicco - Carpenter & Washington Elementary School
  • Rita Downing - Emerson Middle School
  • David Franz - Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Dr. Lea Anne Frost - District Office
  • Jane Hobart - Field Elementary School
  • Kristie Janicki - Lincoln Middle School
  • Lillian Ludkowski - Washington Elementary School
  • Georg Luxton - Washington Elementary School
  • Madolyn Machon - Field Elementary School
  • Judi McCarthy - Franklin Elementary School
  • Karin Mustari - Franklin Elementary School
  • Bridget Nagai - Field Elementary School
  • Catherine Olson - Carpenter Elementary School
  • Noreen Peters - Washington Elementary School
  • Dana Randel - Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Denise Reeder - Lincoln Middle School
  • Jane Richards - Washington Elementary School
  • Christy Schumacher - Emerson Middle School
  • Elaine Vlahakis - Emerson Middle School
  • Patricia Warneke - Emerson Middle School
  • Cheryl Williams - Roosevelt Elementary School


  • Eric Bachmann - Emerson Middle School
  • Carolyn Borta - Field Elementary School
  • Jeffery Calloway - Emerson Middle School
  • Kimberly Cichon - Washington Elementary School
  • Mary Condon - Lincoln Middle School
  • Kelly Craig - District Office
  • Nancy Golbeck - Emerson Middle School
  • Lisa Halverson - Jefferson Early Childhood Center
  • Brenda Kennedy - Franklin Elementary School
  • Barbara Murphy - Jefferson Early Childhood Center
  • Cristie Rubeo - Washington Elementary School
  • James Tebo - Lincoln Middle School
  • Janet Van Arsdale - Washington Elementary School
  • Kathy Wipf - Franklin Elementary School




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