District 64 English Learner Department (EL)

District 64 English learners participate in engaging, authentic, quality instruction. We believe a child’s first language brings positive momentum to his or her learning! Our teachers create classroom settings where all languages and cultures are valued. Using research-based approaches, the English learner program aligns with grade level curriculum and provides a rigorous educational program for all students.

  • Transitional Program of Instruction
    • Support minutes and structure are provided on a sliding scale determined by a variety of factors including ACCESS scores, other normed assessment data, and class performance.
    • Students gain English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing, while participating in rigorous, grade-level content instruction.
    • English Learners receive pullout, push-in, and/or co-taught instruction in core academic subjects using specific strategies for ELs.

Currently, we have over 350 students in our program with more than 40 languages represented. The most common languages within our district are Polish, Spanish, Bulgarian, Arabic, and Romanian.  Please note: not all languages are visible in the graphic. 


  • All new students registering for District 64 are required by state law to complete a Home Language Survey
  • Answering “yes” to one or both of the following questions requires District 64 to assess your child’s English language proficiency:
    • Does your child speak a language other than English?
    • Is a language other than English spoken in your home?


  • Students in Kindergarten will be assessed using the WIDA Measure of Developing English Language (MODEL). From second semester of grade 1 through grade 8, students are assessed using the WIDA Online Screener to determine eligibility for ELL Program services.


  • Based on the results of the assessment, parents of students eligible for EL services will be notified by letter of their child’s eligibility and the EL Program they will receive. If there are questions about the assessment results or the services offered, parents are encouraged to contact the EL staff at their child’s building.
  • Exit criteria has been established by the Illinois State Board of Education. For students to be considered eligible for exit from English Learner services, they must must obtain an overall composite proficiency level of 4.8 on the ACCESS (a summative English language proficiency assessment) for ELs. 
  • ACCESS measures students' academic English language in four language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing. The content of the assessments aligns with the five WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards: Social & Instructional Language, Language of Language Arts, Language of Mathematics, Language of Science, and Language of Social Studies. Learn more about the ACCESS here.
  • At any time, parents may decline English Learner services offered to their child. Parents must indicate this request in writing to their child’s EL teacher. Note: Students are still required to take the annual ACCESS.
  • Students who are eligible for service, but who do not receive service per a parental request, must continue to take ACCESS annually until they earn a 4.8 overall composite score. ACCESS for students is required annually by the Illinois State Board of Education. District 64 cannot excuse students from the ACCESS.

We encourage you to visit the website of the school your child attends. Once there, you may locate the EL teacher’s contact information by searching the staff directory. Additionally, please visit the Illinois State Board of Education website for more information regarding multilingual education.