Grade Level Curriculum Overview

District 64 is committed to providing an exemplary program of instruction for students that contributes to the development of the “whole child.”  Broad learning targets or “Educational Ends” have been developed that reflect the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes toward learning that we want all students to achieve as the result of their education in District 64.

Curriculum is reviewed on a regular basis and annual goals for the improvement of student learning are established. Curriculum at each grade level has been designed to promote continuous progress towards high academic standards and the achievement of the Educational Ends.

An overview of the curriculum at each grade level can be found below:

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Illinois Learning Standards

The Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) define what all students in all Illinois public schools should know and be able to do in the seven core areas as a result of their elementary and secondary schooling.

In 2010, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) adopted new, more rigorous Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Math to better prepare students for college and careers.