2018 Ethical Leadership Award winners congratulated

2018 Ethical Leadership Award winners congratulated

Ethical leaders know their core values and have the courage to live by them each day in all parts of their lives. That's what makes the Judith L. Snow Ethical Leadership Award -- presented by the District 64 Elementary Learning Foundation (ELF) -- such a prestigious accolade.

Named after a 25-year resident of Park Ridge and dedicated member of the League of Women Voters, the award shines the spotlight on one or more eighth grade students who are respected for leading by example.

"Ethical leaders are principled and lead with integrity, selflessness, dependability, caring and fairness," according to ELF trustees Kristen Quitno and Ellen Zywiciel, Judith Snow Award Committee Chairs for 2018. 

The 2018 winners were presented to the Board of Education and Superintendent Laurie Heinz at the June 11, 2018 special meeting, and include: (from left) Brianna Irizarry (Lincoln Middle School); Diana Tuebo (Emerson Middle School); Mia Lee (Emerson); and Leila Tannous (Lincoln). 

Read more about the accomplishments of these four outstanding young women here.


Congratulations 2018 Snow Award Winners! (from left - first row) Board President Tony Borrelli, ELF trustee Kristen Quitno, Board member Eastman Tiu, Lincoln winners Brianna Irizarry and Leila Tannous, Emerson winners Mia Lee and Diana Tuebo, and Dr. Heinz; (from left - second row) Board member Larry Ryles, ELF trustee Ellen Zywiciel, Board Vice President Rick Biagi, Board members Fred Sanchez and Mark Eggemann, and Board Secretary Tom Sotos.

All District 64 eighth grade students are eligible for the award. Winners were announced at a year-end assembly at their schools, were recognized at the eighth grade promotion ceremony, received a monetary gift from ELF, and will have their names engraved on the Judith Snow Award plaque continuously displayed at both of the middle schools.