#ThankABoardMember for their leadership and vision on November 15

#ThankABoardMember for their leadership and vision on November 15

District 64 invites all members of our community to join us in thanking the members of our Board of Education for their contributions to public education on School Board Members Day officially celebrated across Illinois on November 15, 2018.

This year’s statewide theme – Leadership: Sharing the Vision – highlights board members’ leadership in making decisions as the elected representatives of Park Ridge-Niles residents to ensure opportunities for local students to learn and succeed during their years in District 64 and as they advance to high school and beyond.

District 64 is honoring the seven members of our Board at the regular meeting on Monday, November 12, 2018. Washington School students will have the opportunity this year of presenting certificates of appreciation to the Board. Our Board includes: Anthony Borrelli, President; Rick Biagi, Vice President; Tom Sotos, Secretary; and members Mark Eggemann, Larry Ryles, Fred Sanchez, and Eastman Tiu.

District 64 encourages all local residents to take this once-a-year opportunity to thank these seven community volunteers for their oversight of the education of almost 4,600 students supported by the work of over 600 staff members.

Contact Board members personally via email through our website or #ThankABoardMember on social media! A roster of former Board members back to 1968 also is available here.

Sponsored by the Illinois Association of School Boards, School Board Members Day is being celebrated for the 10th year across Illinois as a special opportunity set aside to thank the almost 6,000 board members serving in 863 school districts for providing local, grassroots governance.