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Student Records

District 64 maintains student records in accordance with the Illinois School Student Records Act (ISSRA), implemented by Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) rules, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). These records are designed to contain only that information necessary to the education of the student and shall be maintained in two categories:

• The permanent record consists of the minimal personal information necessary to a school in the education of the student. Such information includes the student’s basic identifying information, including the student’s name, birth date, address; academic transcripts, including grades, grade levels, and graduation date; parents’ names and addresses; attendance record; health record; record of release of permanent record information; and such other entries as ISBE may require or authorize. Permanent records are maintained for at least 60 years from the date of transfer, graduation, or permanent withdrawal from school.

• The temporary record contains all information included in a school student record, but not contained in the student permanent record. The temporary record must include state assessment test scores, a home language survey, information provided under the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act, health-related information, accident reports, related service logs, record of release of temporary record information, and information regarding serious infractions (that is, those involving drugs, weapons, or bodily harm to another) that resulted in expulsion, suspension, or the imposition of punishment or sanction. It may also include family background information, intelligence/aptitude test scores, psychological and personality test results, teacher evaluations, achievement test scores, participating in extracurricular activities, honors and awards received, teacher anecdotal records, special education records, records associated with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and/or other information relevant to the education of the student that is not required to be in the permanent record. Temporary records must be maintained for at least five years after the date of transfer, graduation, or permanent withdrawal from school. No person may condition the granting or withholding of any right, privilege, or benefits or make as a condition of employment, credit, or insurance the securing by any individual of any information from a student’s temporary record which such individual may obtain through the exercise of any right secured under state law.

Release of Student Record Information—A parent or his/her legal designee has the right to inspect and copy the student’s permanent and temporary records. All students have the right to inspect and copy their own school student permanent record. To review records or to secure copies of records, parents must make a specific written request to the principal of the school in which the student is enrolled. Forms are available from the building principal. Copies of the records are available upon request with the costs of reproduction not to exceed $0.35 per page. Records requests will be honored within 10 business days, with an additional five business days under certain circumstances.

No person who is prohibited by an order of protection from inspecting or obtaining school records of a student shall have any right of access to or inspection of the school records of that student. The District shall maintain a copy of any order of protection in the temporary records of the student enrolled in the District whose parent is the petitioner of an order of protection. In addition, the District prohibits the disclosure by school employees to any person against whom the District has received a certified copy of an order of protection, the location or address of the petitioner for the order of protection or the identity of the schools in the District in which the petitioner’s child or children are enrolled.

The District may release information contained in student records without parental notice or consent to the following individuals or in the following circumstances: (1) District or ISBE employee or official with a demonstrable educational or administrative interest in the student, in furtherance of that interest; (2) any person for the purpose of research, statistical reporting, or planning, provided than no student or parent can be identified from the information released and the person to whom the information is released signs an affidavit agreeing to comply with all applicable statutes and rules pertaining to school student records; (3) to a governmental agent or social service agency contracted by a governmental agent in furtherance of an investigation of the student’s attendance pursuant to the compulsory attendance laws of the State; (4) to juvenile authorities when necessary for the discharge of their official duties who request information prior to adjudication of the student and who certify in writing that the information will not be disclosed to any other party except as provided under law or order of court; (5) in an emergency situation if such information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other persons; and/or (6) to other persons as required by state or federal law.

Student record information may be released without parental consent provided prior written notice of such release is given to the parents as follows: to the official records custodian in which the student has enrolled, or intends to enroll, upon the request of such official or student; pursuant to a court order; and/or to any persons as specifically required by state or federal law. Directory information may be released as permitted by ISSRA and FERPA and their regulations. Any release of information to persons other than the parents (or eligible students, if the rights and privileges accorded to the parents under ISSRA have transferred to the students) requires the prior specific dated and written consent of the parents designating to whom such records may be released.

Parents may inspect, copy, and challenge school student records prior to transfer of records to another school district, prior to the scheduled destruction of records, or by giving notice as described above. Parents have the right to insert in their child’s school student record a statement of reasonable length setting forth their position on any disputed information contained in that record.

Challenge Procedures—Parents may also request a hearing to challenge any entry in their student’s school records on the basis of accuracy, relevancy, or propriety, except for academic grades and the contact information of the records custodian. If the challenge is made at the time of the student’s school records are being forwarded to another school to which the student is transferring, then parents shall not have the right to challenge references in those records to expulsions or out-of-school suspensions or to academic grades.

Requests for a records challenge hearing shall be submitted in writing to the District’s Official Records Custodian, Alicia Schmeisser or (847) 318-4300, and shall contain notice of the specific entry or entries challenged and the basis of the challenge. Within 15 school days of receipt of the request for a hearing, the District will hold an initial informal conference with the parents. If the challenge is not resolved by the informal conference, a formal hearing will be held before an impartial hearing officer consistent with ISSRA and its implementing regulations. Either party may appeal the hearing officer’s decision to the Regional Superintendent within 20 school days after the decision is transmitted.

Destruction of Student Records—Upon graduation, transfer, or permanent withdrawal of a student from school, the District shall notify the parents and student, if the rights and privileges accorded to the parents under ISSRA have transferred to the student, of the destruction schedule for the student’s permanent and temporary records and their right to request a copy of the student’s records at any time prior to their destruction. The notification must contain the following information: date of notification; names of the student, parents, and the official records custodian; and the scheduled destruction date of the temporary and permanent records. The District may provide reasonable prior notice to the parents or student through: (i) notice of the school’s parent or student handbook; (ii) publication in a newspaper published in the District or, if no newspaper is published in the District, in a newspaper of general circulation within the District; (iii) U.S. mail delivered to the last known address of the parents or student; or (iv) other means provided the notice if confirmed to have been received.


Student Directory Information—Throughout the school year, the District may release directory information to the general public regarding students, limited to: the student’s name, address, grade level, birth date and place; parents’ names and addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses; and, occasionally, information relating to awards, honors, school-sponsored activities, organizations, athletics, and period of attendance in school. Any parent may prohibit the release of any or all of the above student directory information by providing a written request to the building principal within 30 days of receipt of this handbook. No directory information will be released within this time period, unless the parents are specifically informed otherwise. Please see Board Policy 7:340, Student Records, for more information.

Transfer of Student Records—The District may release a student’s records without parental consent to the official records custodian of another school within Illinois or an official with similar responsibilities of a school outside Illinois, in which the student has enrolled, or intends to enroll, upon the request of such official or student. This information can be released without parent consent provided prior written notice is given to the parent of the nature and substance of the records, as well as notice of the parent’s right to inspect, copy, or challenge the records. Where a student has unpaid fines or fees and is transferring to a public school located in Illinois or any other state, an unofficial record of the student’s grades in lieu of the student’s official transcript of scholastic records may be provided until payment is received.

Students Receiving Special Education Services—Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the District must provide students with disabilities with appropriate special education and related services to address their education needs. Parents have the right to review and copy their student’s school student records prior to any special education eligibility or IEP program review meeting, subject to the requirements of applicable federal and state law. Parents may also request a copy of their student’s related service logs developed and maintained by the District for the following related services: speech and language services, occupational therapy services, physical therapy services, school social work services, school counseling services, school psychology services, and school nursing services. These related service logs include information regarding the type and duration of the related services administered to their student. Please contact Alicia Schmeisser, Director of Student Services, if you have questions regarding your student’s special education services.

In addition, the District must provide parents of students with disabilities with written materials that will be considered at the student’s eligibility or IEP meeting no later than three school days prior to the eligibility or IEP meeting, or as soon as possible if an IEP meeting is schedule within three school days with written consent of the student’s parent. Parents have the right to choose the delivery method of these written materials, including through regular mail, email, or pick up at school. Please contact your child’s case manager to provide your delivery preference

Eighth Grade Students—As part of our 8th graders’ transition to high school, the District works with Maine Township High School District 207 to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. To that end, District 207’s official records custodian has requested copies of all official student records of our 8th grade students, including academic information required to determine what courses each student should take as a freshman. The District will transfer all existing records and any records created during your student’s 8th grade year to District 207 beginning on September 15 each year, as well as communicate directly with District 207 staff regarding student information contained in your student’s records. Parents have the right to inspect, copy, and/or challenge the contents of their student’s records prior to this release. If you do not plan to enroll your student in District 207 and/or wish to inspect, copy, or challenge the records being transferred, please contact Alicia Schmeisser, Director of Student Services, by September 1 or by phone at 847-318-4300.

Student Data Privacy; Notice to Parents about Educational Technology Vendors—The District contracts with different educational technology vendors for beneficial K-12 purposes, such as providing personalized learning and innovative educational technologies and increasing efficiency in school operations.

Under the Illinois Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA), 106 ILCS 85/, educational technology vendors and other entities that operate Internet websites, online services, online applications, or mobile applications that are designed, marketed, and primarily used for K-12 school purposes are referred as operators. SOPPA is intended to ensure that student data collected by operators is protected and requires those vendors, as well as school districts and ISBE, to take a number of actions to protect online student data.

Depending upon the particular educational technology being used, the District may need to collect different types of student data, which is then shared with educational technology vendors through their online sites, services, and/or applications. In general terms, the types of student data that may be collected and shared include personally identifiable information (PII) about students or information that can be linked to PII about students, such as, but not limited to: basic identifying information, including student or parent/guardian name and student or parent/guardian contact information, username/password, student ID number; demographic information; enrollment information; assessment data, grades, and transcripts; attendance and class schedule; academic/extracurricular activities; special indicators (e.g., disability information, English language learner, free/reduced meals, or homeless/foster case status); conduct/behavioral data; health information; food purchases; transportation information; in-application performance data; student-generated work; online communications; application metadata and application use statistics; and permanent and temporary school student record information.

Under SOPPA, educational technology vendors are prohibited from selling or renting a student’s information or from engaging in targeted advertising using a student’s information. Such vendors may only disclose and collect data for K-12 school purposes (which are purposes that aid in the administration of school activities, such as: instruction in the classroom or at home (including remote learning); administrative activities; collaboration between student, school personnel, and/or parents/guardians; and other activities that are for the use and benefit of the District) and other limited purposes permitted under the law. You can find more information regarding SOPPA and a written description of the procedures you may use to exercise your rights under SOPPA on the District’s website.

Complaints—District Board Policy 7:340, Student Records, is available online at the District’s website. Parents have the right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education/Family Policy Compliance Office (400 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC, 20202), concerning alleged failures by the District to comply with the requirements of FERPA, and in the Circuit Court of the County for any alleged violations under ISSRA.

Attatched is a certificate of publication from the Chicago Tribune Media Group, certifying District 64 publicized and posted a notification of student records destruction. 

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